Fran Moreno, your virtual sysadmin, your virtual sysadmin

Since I work as a web developer and deal with the Internet, I’ve always been fighting with several hosting providers, dedicated servers, VPS, update installation, package management, PHP versions, security patches… Then I discover, and all these headaches disappeared, now it’s like another step in the process, but not a problem to me.

With, you only have to worry about two things, what is the server size you need to start and what is your stack or Framework (Laravel, WordPress, JS, HTML, PHP…), everything else is not your problem anymore.

Main characteristics:

  • Integration with DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Amazon EC2 or Vultr
  • You can manage all the Workspaces you need (and invite other users to them) to organize your servers and sites.
  • Automatic deploys integrated with your favourite code management tool (Bitbucket, Github, GitLab…)
  • Automatic server security updates.
  • Easy management of Workers and Cronjobs for your servers and sites.

And everything through a very easy interface. This tool was created by a good friend Daniel Vigueras and his team.