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Web development technologies I want to learn in 2021

Web development technologies I want to learn in 2021

Last years I’ve found myself reading about a lot of technologies and programming languages, understanding them, and knowing how to defend or write about them in technical proposals. But never digging into them and learning. It was ok for me with my long WordPress knowledge (more than 10 years working with WordPress, improving myself, and doing very interesting projects) and knowing Laravel at a medium level.

But I want to learn more than this, I detected that I was so far to understand new technologies, new ways of work in web development (mostly frontend) and this year is going to be the gamechanger for me.

Here is a list of web technologies and languages I want to learn (some of them I’ve started and built some side projects)


I know this is not a programming language or a technology, but it is the most important skill every developer needs to know and improve. I’m from Spain, so English is not my primary language, here in Spain is mandatory to study English in school until you go to the University, we are improving and learning more English than 20 years ago, but we still need to work on this.

I think I have a good level, I can read, I can write (I’m sure I have a lot of grammar fails) and I can maintain a conversation with different kind of English speakers around the world (last 10 years I’ve spoken with people from Italy, Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, UK…) but I feel that I need to learn more.

That’s because I’ve started writing my blog in English, to force myself to write and improve my language skills.


That was my first choice to start learning a new programming language. I mostly know and understand VUE (not deep but can read code and do some little projects). A friend told me to help him with a project on Reactjs and that was the click I needed to start learning this.

If you know Javascript and understand some simple programming concepts is a good language to learn, easy to start working (just start with create-react-app and you have a simple project to start playing)


I was a big defensor of Bootstrap, and still think that was a gamechanger, but every article or video I watch about Tailwindcss convinces me to take a shot.

I think is the best way to work with HTML without thinking about CSS (at least at the beginning when you are doing some mockups) but every minute I work with this technology I understand that can be used to build a big project and can be improved to work in production.


This is a React framework to work with WordPress, it allows you to use a WordPress instance to be your headless backend and build the frontend part using Reactjs. This is a very good way for me to start working with headless CMS (I’m very confident with WordPress and is a very good CMS to work with)


I’m interested in this project because is a good way to improve the two basic parts of a common web project (frontend part on react or VUE, backend part on Laravel or Rails)

There are much more technologies and projects I want to dig into (Jamstack, Jest, ReactNative, StoryBook…) but I don’t want to put myself in a rush or give me more pressure than I need.